Welcome to my interwebs geo-homepage. Thank you for visiting!

I'm Jim, and I work as a Linux Systems Engineer in Chicago, Illinois (although the picture above was taken in St. Louis, Missouri).

In my free time I enjoy volunteering, reading, movies, music, watching too many Linux videos on YouTube, as well as visiting Chicago restaurants and / or taking weekend naps.

And I sometimes like checking out cultural events or visiting our parks. Some events offer cheese, and you can often rest or take a nap in a park.

I've lived in Chicago for a good while, and it's a great place to live, work and visit. For one, we have buildings that look like corn cobs.

When it comes to music, my favorite performer (by far) is Bob Dylan. My current favorite album of his is John Wesley Harding, though it's not very fair to pick just one of his albums as a favorite.